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recommends at this time no disciplinary action. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live on capitol hill with more on this. catherine, in the last hour we have some brand new reaction to this report. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right, jenna. first of all the report concludes there was no protest prior to the attack. that al qaeda is not dead. it has metastasized. that its followers have a new home in eastern libya. and that the benghazi on 9/11 was a significant defeat for the united states. it killed 4:00 americans including our ambassador. it also shuttered our diplomatic security presence in eastern lib. >> as well as a sizable cia operation. within the last hour a senior democrat at the closed classified briefing said there were systemic failures at seniors levels of the state department. >> i think the conclusion was very stark, very candid, very honest and told us the following. the mistakes were made, lives were lost and lessons need to be learned. first america can not retreat from a dangerous world. it is important for us to be there, to
. it is about putting actions behind those words as well, which we have done in the state of texas. we have elevated the hispanic opportunities in that state. not only economically, by allowing them to participate in our government as well. jenna: paul ryan mentioned five decades of government that he says to change. you have been in texas politics for 17 years? smacked a little more than that. jenna: what is next for you? >> we have a legislative session for the next six months, making sure that we continue to keep texas as a great place to live in own a business and raise a family. jenna: governor, it's nice to have you on. thank you for the time today. >> my wife is from dallas, and we will be heading there. greg: you are not wearing your boots today. >> i'm walking a lot in new york city. greg: joining us now for a fair and balanced debate, local analyst juan williams, mary katharine ham. i get an earful in my house filled with women that republicans are losing on social issues. immigration, women's rights. gay rights and so forth. >> first of all, i am wearing cowboy boots bought in te
border. despite all the action from drones it remains a safe haven in so many ways to our enemy, a big problem. al kuwaiti took over for the man on the screen who was killed in a strike in june. jon: amid word top brass at the state and defense departments as well as senior intelligence officials knew eastern libya was a hub for jihadists for years long before the deadly terror attack september 11th that killed four americans including our ambassador to libya. new questions now about the level of the security at the u.s. consulate and why our people were put in harm's way in the first place. joining us now, senator john barrasso, republican from wyoming. chairman of the republican policy committee and sifrs on the foreign relations committee. you received a letter from john kerry, the committee chairman, saying that hillary clinton, the secretary of state is expected to testify before the end of the term. how critical is her testimony, senator? >> well i think it is very important to have hearings with hillary and they need to be in my opinion open and on the record. there are so many
, this action is yet another example of north korea's pattern of irresponsible behavior. the united states remains vigilant in the face of north korean provocations and fully committed to the security of our allies in the region, devoting scarce resources to the development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons has not brought north korea security and skaept tans by the international community and never will. jenna, as you mentioned the u.n. security council is meeting as we speak behind closed doors. the north koreans have very little to fear in terms of serious sanctions as a result of this action because of course its friend, china is on the security council and has blocked those kind of actions in the past, jenna. jenna: interesting that you mentioned china. is there any indication that the north koreans had help from the outside? any sort of outside country with this launch? >> reporter: well there is no evidence per se but it is widely known that the north koreans could not get the parts for their ballistic missile program without having those parts flown through china, bypassed
down. we'll work through some of that with you. >>> we heard more about the navy seal killed in action in the daring rescue of an american in afghanistan. we'll hear from those in this hero's hometown coming up in just a moment. >>> we will continue to watch the scene at michigan's statehouse and pro-union protesters and protests are underway. the governor is ready to sign a right to work bill. we'll keep you updated out of any developments in michigan in just a moment. we'll be right back. wanna see me get some great deals? ok! it's a new way to get cash back deals and it's called bankamerideals. i sign in to my online banking... click the "cash back deals" tab... and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and then i get up to 15% cash back... put into my account! i know, right? [ male announcer ] introducinbankamerideals, free for online banking customers. sign in to your online banking to choose your deals today. jenna: president obama's second term doesn't begin for another month but some political wonks are looking ahead to 2016. righ
in the six-party talks and other countries in the international community to pursue appropriate action. >> reporter: the problem is there are very few options in terms of appropriate action. as you know china sits on the u.n. security council and has blocked efforts in the past to sanction the north korean regime. they are its only ally but a very powerful ally. it is not clear at this time whether china is willing to go along with any u.n. security council recommendations for further punishment of north korea. they are in violation of two significant resolutions but it is unclear what real authority the international community has in terms of punishing north korea further. jenna: interesting tie some of our top stories together. china continues to be a problem in syria. that is our top story of the day. jennifer, we'll continue to watch developments there. jon: watching the crisis in syria, a nation that continues to unravel. there are reports that more than a dozen died in a car bombing, many of them women and children. the state news agency say a car packed with explosives blew up n
ahead. plus we remember the heros in newtown, how their actions saved countless lives. >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday s eason is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day. when someone tries to take over your bank accounts, drain the equity in your home, or even tries to buy a car in your name, lifelock is on guard. and with lifelock's 24/7 alerts, they contact you by text, phone or email as soon as they detect suspicious activity in their network. lifelock wants you to be protected this holiday season, so they're giving you 60 days of protection risk-free. >> my years as a prosecutor taught me that you have to be proactive to protect yoursel
line and the united states is prepared to take action if syria uses those weapons. well, and as this is all happening there appears to be some shifting in syria. in the past few days we've seen heavy, heavy fighting around damascus as rebels begin pushing in that area. there is cause to think the syrian government is losing its grip on damascus, that may be part of the reason why they are preparing their chemical weapons. the syrian government of course has said it does not have chemical or biological republicans, and even if it did it would not use them. jon, we are also hearing now that the foreign minister, the spokesman for the foreign minister, rather has defected. it's more evidence, sort of more to the belief that there is some shifting ground among the bashar al-assad regime. whether or not it's close to collapsing is anyone's guess but there are big changes going on right now among the bashar al-assad regime. jon: and the killing goes on, that is the tragic part in all of this. thanks very much. jenna: a delicate situation unfolding in louisiana after residents
be place of action. the bush center is housed at smu, and our building will be peoening next april. i can't wait for you to see it. it's spectacular piece of architecture and a wonderful landscape. we are thankful to smu for its gracious hospitality. the institute, even though the building is not open the institute is up and running. we are a nonpartisan-action oriented institute that focuses on human freedom. for example, we are working to free people from ignorance. we are staunch defenders of accountability in the public schools to make sure every child can read and write and add and subtract. as well we are leading a reform movement on how best to recruit and train school principals. we are working to free people from disease, so we're leading a significant effort to save women from dying from cervical cancer on the continent of afica. thanks to the generosity of our country, many women receive anti-retroviral drugs and turn out living, it turns out the hiv virus is a precursor of cervical cancer. we are going to do something about it at the bush center. all life is precious and we ar
. >> we were fortunate we have the officer was well-trained and took the action she needed to take. i believe she saved as many lives as she had to save. >> reporter: the suspect shot at one man and fired at a police department patrol car in the parking lot. we don't know how many rounds he got off before the deputies stopped him. you can imagine people in the restaurant, the parking lot and theater were absolutely terrified. jenna. jenna: more on that story as we get it, heather. thank you. jon: turning attention to washington. new information breaking in the last hour that a backup plan is in the works for republicans in case the white house and congress can not reach a deal on the fiscal cliff by the end of the year. house speaker john boehner spoke about it a minutes ago. >> our plan b would protect american taxpayers who make a million dollars or less and have all of their current rates extended. i continue to have hope that we can reach a broader agreement with the white house that would reduce spending as well as have revenues on the table. jon: despite the existence of this pl
that despite these warnings no action was taken. >> you were aware of the security risk there. we read the cables. you were fully aware. you either sent people there with security or you don't send them there. i don't understand why you didn't send a notification up with the cables coming in, with concerns about security, why didn't you do just you did with the arb, seeking additional fund? i don't understand? >> reporter: the response from the state department witnesses was really an understatement, that they should have done a better job and connecting the dots. they emphasized to the senator this morning they're taking the bull by the horns in this report and that they have taken these 29 recommendations. they have fully adopted them and then they divided those recommendations up into 60 distinct tasks. >> i had my first meeting two days ago with the steering committee and task force and divided, giving them time lines, dates, making sure we execute, many of them hopefully before the end of this calendar year and next up for the next secretary to come in and make sure we're executin
be a sign that russia might now be ready to shift its position and support stronger u.n. action against syria. molly henneberg is live at the pentagon keeping an eye on all of these developments. why is russia so important here, molly. >> reporter: russia is one of syria's allies, in fact one of sear kwras onl syria as only allies. and that is why it is thought they may have some sway over syria and bashar al-assad. hillary clinton is in a meeting this afternoon at a security conference in dublin, ireland. they will be meeting today specifically on syria. at the same time the secretary general of the united nations says he also is pressing syria not to use chemical weapons. >> i'm just very much concerned, and i have warned that in any case if chemical weapons is used then they will have to be put to justice and create serious consequences to those people. >> reporter: if president bashar al-assad were to leave the country it would create an immediate problem with who would take over and a secondary problem of who would control the chemical weapons. jon. jon: it is one thing to load ser
, let the senate take action. they felt like they have passed numerous bills over the course of the year that would have addressed some of the fiscal cliff problems. they said let senate majority leader harry reid take over. there is definitely frustration in the house that it's come to this point this late in 2012 as we are heading over the fiscal cliff potentially. bottom line some some suggested there is not a tax problem in the united states, there is a major spending problem. >> history has a way of repeating itself. somehow washington never gets the message, and here we are 30 years later on the brink of another crisis on new year's eve, still addicted to spending money. >> madame speaker the american people are looking at congress with distain and rightfully so. with the deadline on the fiscal cliff only hours away we've failed to reach a reasonable compromise to move the economy forward and ward off painful tax hikes on the middle class. >> reporter: so everybody is waiting to see if the senate can reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. it's not entirely clear when the house would act
thinking. that only delay meaningful action and all but guaranty but the next atrocity is only a news cycle away. the media calls semiautomatic firearms, machine guns. they claim these civilian semiautomatic firearms are used by the military. they tell us that the .223 round is one of the most powerful rifle calibers when all of these claims are factually untrue. they don't know what they're talking about. worse, they perpetuate the dangerous notion that one more gun ban or one more law imposed on peaceable, lawful people will protect us. where 20,000 other laws have failed. as brave and heroic and as self-sacrificing as those teachers were in those classrooms, and as prompt and professional and well-trained as those police were when they responded, they were unable, through no fault of their own, unable to stop it. as parents, we do everything we can to keep our children safe. it's now time for us to assume responsibility for our schools. the only way, the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. the only t
the people who need to take action are not in the oval office. >>> as the investigation continues into the deaths of four americans in libya we're learning people who were initially blamed are back on the payroll with little or no punishment. >>> unbelievable video. some aquariumgoers getting way too close to a real live shark. as close as you can get without becoming dinner. it is all "happening now." harris: hello, everyone, i'm harris faulkner, in today for jenna lee. jon: nice to have you up here in the big studio instead of down in the newsroom. harris: good to be here. jon: i'm jon scott. there is deadly weather pounding the united states. a powerful winter storm bringing snow and driving rain to the northeast. blizzard conditions in some areas. it is the same system that brought winter storms and tornados to the south and midwest. at least 12 people have died in this system. we're seeing major travel problems today as well. some areas are getting slammed all night long. anna kooiman personally knows that. she is live in clarks summit, pennsylvania. anna? >> reporter: yeah.
debate on the newspaper's actions. they got the information legally and only published those who legally have permits. what about those illegally have guns? is that information more important? can we have access to that? kelly: a very slippery slope indeed. meantime the civil war in syria is raging almost two years. now there is word a top general just defected to the opposition. what this means for president assads regime and efforts to end the bloody conflict. ambassador john bolton live just moments from now with his take. jamie: plus a very special christmas for a little boy who spent the day hanging out with his dad at work. what made their time together so special and turned it into the christmas gift this little boy always wanted. that's next. ♪ . kelly: welcome back. right now an investigation underway after a deadly tanker crash shuts down both sides of a busy texas freeway. this was the scene in houston this morning where authorities say a tanker truck overturned and burst into flames just east of the city's main airport. the driver of the 18-wheeler was killed in the wreck.
question which is fact based on whether these actions were gender discrimination, which the court found that they were not. if i were this dentist i'd be careful and if i were these women working for that dentist i'd have a tape recorder with me at all times, because they may have problems in the future. >> the question still remains -- jaime: what would be the damages? >> the damages would be lost income, lost of wages. if she had to work for a different job and made less money, had a longer commute, i would come up with 50 different damages. what i'm afraid about for sexual harassment and these types of things which i don't understand why they didn't bring those either. between the three lawyers of us i can't understand why they won't have done it. i don't think any of us k. that would have been a much better case. i think she had a much better case there. a lot of times when you bring cases like that you have six months to make a complaint with the eeoc, you've got to go sometimes to state agencies before you can actually sue, and reading between the lines they may have actually blow
running down street. she's now an elderly woman, and she survived thanks to that photographer's action. of it's much tougher when you make the decision as a photojournalist to go on filming and not help, and i had to cover one of those cases in 1983 when i was just a junior reporter, and it was appalling. there were two photographers who had watched a man set himself on fire in a protest and had done nothing. i think that's a case where you really have to just draw the line and say that's, that's bad behavior. jon: but, stanley, i mean, these are so often such momentary judgment calls. you have the blink of an eye to decide whether to take the photo or help out another human being. >> well, i can only say if i'm in the position, i hope and i plan to help first. and, you know, everybody has a cell phone now. this is just a bigger story because of what happened here. but if you look at images coming across the whole country, the whole world, everybody's got a cell phone. not too many people are diving in. they all want to be published. and i think that hurts, is hurting what's happening.
they took. every community since 9/11 in this area has an action plan, whether relates to school shooter or mass casualty, event. we drill it all the time. we practice it all the time. the kids practice it all the time. that's why we do these things with tragic situations. we're ready for them. jenna: we see your response by the way. the response looks overwhelming on the ground, with state and local police. have you heard of any motive for the shooting? >> all that is open for investigation. that is something we'll find out as the afternoon goes on. jenna: getting back to fatalities at this time, what can you tell us about the fatalities? can you give us any information on whether or not it is administration, teachers, children, anything? >> i'm sorry, i can't. i just can't. >> that's okay. we understand. our viewers have been so patient with us for the last several hours and you have as well because it has been a very chaotic situation. i want to point out to our viewers, often times, mr. mayor, you know this as well, she is shootings happen in high schools. when you have high schools
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